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Ferris Bueller Returns, Bringing American Truth

It’s the right time to revisit the all-American insight of John Hughes’s best film.

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3 Classic Movies About United States Presidents

Hollywood during its Golden Era made many movies about U.S. presidents, using their biographies as the groundwork for inspiring, patriotic stories.

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“Vertigo” and Lover’s Rock

San Francisco and the person of Kim Novak at their most beautiful, a very impressive Jimmy Stewart performance, and most stunning of all, the score!

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‘The Horse Soldiers’: Director John Ford’s Entertaining Civil War Drama

“The Horse Soldiers” (1959) was his only film about the conflict, and he couldn’t have chosen a more compelling narrative to base the film on.

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Whit Stillman, Poet Of Young Lovers

Barcelona, a tale of Americans & Europeans—two young men looking for love, manliness, & God—the fading away & the endurance of the American gentleman.

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REVIEW: “Mama Weed” A Globalist Gangster Comedy

Isabelle Huppert embodies the new Europe’s ethnic humor and guilt.

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“Heaven Can Wait”: Warren Beatty’s Sublime Fantasy Romance

With “Heaven Can Wait,” Beatty reached his commercial and creative zenith. The reason so few people choose to wear four creative hats on the same production

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“Stillwater”: Hollywood Takes Another Apology Tour in Europe

Deplorables and Neanderthals, still irredeemable in Matt Damon’s latest action film.

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“Jungle Cruise”: Dwayne Johnson Unwisely Attempts to Act

The man otherwise known as The Rock is very, very good at what he does. So why does Disney’s Jungle Cruise ask him to do something else?

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“Jungle Cruise” Sails Down Woke River

Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson offer best reasons to swallow Mouse House synergy.

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“Black Widow”: Hollywood’s vacuous moral turn

Black Widow, Luca and Nomadland are films for decaffeinated protesters.

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Looking Back at “Breaking Away”

May the good work of Steve Tesich, and the good inspiration of Dave Blase, ride on.