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“Band of Brothers”: This Is Easy Company

Looking at Band of Brothers, pop culture’s best case for “The Greatest Generation,” 20 years on.

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Conservatism & Cinema

Conservatives usually don’t much involve themselves in pop culture, so that they almost invariably have opinions that derive from the preferences & even the prejudices of the liberals

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Why We Need Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis says his creation is meant to crush your cynicism.

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REVIEW: Clarkson’s Farm is first-rate TV

Instead of a trained sheep dog, Clarkson thinks he can round up his newly acquired flock with a drone.

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How The Rise Of Sitcoms Damaged Femininity

Too many sitcom writers are missing the mark on portraying positive femininity, instead painting a picture of a woman who isn’t worth looking up to.

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Loki, Disney’s Latest Nihilist Hero

Disney and Marvel exchange traditional morality for its opposite, teaching adolescent viewers to accept cartoon nihilism. Sure enough, when Loki is taught how the TVA works, it is through a cartoon instructional film.

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“DEKALOG” the most important work of Christian art in the post–Cold War period

The year 1988 also saw Krzysztof Kieślowski make his most important work—Dekalog, a ten-episode TV series on the crisis of faith in the lives of ordinary Poles in an apartment building in Warsaw.

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The Simpsons Tries to Cancel Morrissey

The once-great show is now Exhibit A in the decline of comedy, cartoons, and music culture.

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REVIEW: “Your Honor” Cranston Post-Breaking Bad Show

The new Bryan Cranston vehicle is intelligence-insulting schlock.

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The Impotence of Modern France’s “Lupin”

Lupin thus follows a wonderful but amoral coup with a very moralistic but misguided, even silly, crusade.

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Setting the Tone: Great TV Theme Music

“When you’re discussing the greatest TV theme songs, I’m coming to that party with Fred G. Sanford.”

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Hemingway’s American Life And Death

Ken Burns’s six-hour PBS documentary on the master of sparing prose misreads his relation to the nation and the world.