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6 Lessons The Modern Woman Can Learn From Jane Austen

The 1800s novelist who wrote (to put it very simply) love stories is a source of truth and wisdom that the modern individual can still benefit from today.

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Whit Stillman On Adapting Jane Austen

One of the greatest film writers of our time talks about the flowering of films and TV mini-series based on Austen’s works.

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In a 1954 essay on Jane Austen, C. S. Lewis calls attention to the “hardness—or at least the firmness—of Jane Austen’s thought.”

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The Divine Miss Jane

In attempting to read Austen as she meant to be read, in seeking to understand the author’s intention, she realizes she has taken on a project her academic colleagues would regard with either hilarity or…

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“Sanditon” Sensationalizing Austen

Andrew Davies’ imagination did not capture the intricacies and craft of Jane Austen. His work is a period drama that lures Austen fans with its title, amuses us with paraphrased lines from the novels, and…

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“Lady Susan” Jane Austen’s Memorable Con Woman

Not only “excessively pretty,” but a “distinguished flirt.” She is in fact “the most accomplished coquette in England.” The object of considerable gossip, Lady Susan captivates men and infuriates women, who rightly see her as…