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Why “Coriolanus” by William Shakespeare is a Great Book

John J. Miller is joined by Adam Carrington of Hillsdale College to discuss William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.

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The Goodness and Greatness of G.K. Chesterton

This quirky romantic was also one of the most popular and most talented writers of his time.

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Flannery O’Connor on Sin and Politics

Flannery O’Connor understood that what is wrong with the world is not our failure to adhere to a certain political or economic program, as important as these may be.

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American Treasures: “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

President Lincoln, frustrated in his effort to end slavery, shaked the lady’s proffered hand. “So you’re the little woman,” he said, “who wrote the book that made this great war.”

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin: An American Tale

“The novel powerfully affirms Christian faith and the principles of the American Revolution, condemning slavery.”

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Romeo and Juliet in a Nutshell

The correct way of reading the play is what might be called the moral or cautionary approach in which the tragedy is caused by the abandonment of reason in the face of erotic love or…

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Why “Master and Commander” by Patrick O’Brian is a Great Book

John J. Miller is joined by Lewis Lapham to discuss Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander.

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What Can Poe Teach Our Teenagers?

Edgar Allan Poe was “doomed to seethe down his soul in a great continuous convulsion of disintegration, and doomed to register the process.

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What We Can Learn From Anne Elliot’s Quiet Strength In ‘Persuasion’

“Persuasion” is Jane Austen’s thoughtful novel that perfectly balances tradition and modernity.

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The Mr. Rogers of Children’s Poetry: Robert Louis Stevenson

Stevenson clearly aimed at enhancing this childhood sense of wonder. His verse reinforces this sense of awe and mystery our kids feel

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In Praise of a Great and Neglected Novelist: Maurice Baring

He is so well read in so many different languages and so well-versed in the full panoramic landscape of Western literature, that I am in awe at the depth and the breadth of cultural experience…

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Why “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell is a Great Book

John J. Miller is joined by Susannah Fullerton to discuss Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South.