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The Goodness and Greatness of G.K. Chesterton

This quirky romantic was also one of the most popular and most talented writers of his time.

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Flannery O’Connor on Sin and Politics

Flannery O’Connor understood that what is wrong with the world is not our failure to adhere to a certain political or economic program, as important as these may be.

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In Praise of a Great and Neglected Novelist: Maurice Baring

He is so well read in so many different languages and so well-versed in the full panoramic landscape of Western literature, that I am in awe at the depth and the breadth of cultural experience…

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George Orwell on Charles Dickens and Revolutions

Orwell was initially tempted to dismiss Charles Dickens because he seemed to have “no political program” to offer. But soon Orwell recognized this presumed defect to be a virtue and decided that Dickens was a…

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Moving On From Gore Vidal

How could a writer so attuned to some values be ignorant of so many others?

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Poetic Science in Plato’s “Timaeus”

What happens when one mixes science and poetry in the way that Timaeus does? What can we learn from this strange mix?

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Henri Amiel’s Ardent Invitation to Converse With God

There is hope as well, and perhaps even consolation, in our passing on the collected wisdom of the great seers, and, more importantly, by being an example, by living a just and kind life.

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Tantae Molis Erat: Machiavelli on “the Greatest Examples”

“Wholly new principates—those in which the prince & the state are alike new.”

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Why “The Elements of Geometry” by Euclid is a Great Book

John J. Miller is joined by Benjamin Wardhaugh to discuss Euclid’s The Elements of Geometry.

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Courage Nailed Down: Plato’s “Laches”

This is what Courage means to Socrates: It is descriptively distinct from and essentially identical with all the virtues.

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Nietzsche, Between Philosophy and Prophecy

The dual burden that Zarathustra has taken upon himself proves too much for one man, hence the tragic character of Nietzsche’s parodic gospel.

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Who Is The Prince?

Machiavelli is shocking, everybody sees & agrees on that. How shocking? To what purpose or purposes? On what grounds? At what costs & for what gains?