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Milton and the Sublime: The Power of “Paradise Lost” to Astonish

“The characteristic quality of his poem is sublimity. He sometimes descends to the elegant, but his element is the great.

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The Allure of YA Fiction, Escaping Only So Far

Why do Americans gravitate to young-adult literature—stories of heroes vanquishing the shadowy forces governing their dystopian worlds?

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in a Nutshell

Sir Gawain’s own quest, as we shall see, is purgatorial. It is the means by which his sinful soul is purged through the testing of his virtue. 

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George Orwell on Charles Dickens and Revolutions

Orwell was initially tempted to dismiss Charles Dickens because he seemed to have “no political program” to offer. But soon Orwell recognized this presumed defect to be a virtue and decided that Dickens was a…

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A Christmas Carol: Best Opening Lines

Charles Dickens’ iconic festive book has one of the best opening lines in literary history.

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Moving On From Gore Vidal

How could a writer so attuned to some values be ignorant of so many others?

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Why “Pale Fire” by Vladimir Nabokov

John J. Miller is joined by Andrea Pitzer to discuss Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire.

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Poetic Science in Plato’s “Timaeus”

What happens when one mixes science and poetry in the way that Timaeus does? What can we learn from this strange mix?

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Henri Amiel’s Ardent Invitation to Converse With God

There is hope as well, and perhaps even consolation, in our passing on the collected wisdom of the great seers, and, more importantly, by being an example, by living a just and kind life.

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Tantae Molis Erat: Machiavelli on “the Greatest Examples”

“Wholly new principates—those in which the prince & the state are alike new.”

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Why “The Elements of Geometry” by Euclid is a Great Book

John J. Miller is joined by Benjamin Wardhaugh to discuss Euclid’s The Elements of Geometry.

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Courage Nailed Down: Plato’s “Laches”

This is what Courage means to Socrates: It is descriptively distinct from and essentially identical with all the virtues.