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Are we on the verge of forgetting Amy Winehouse?

She’s the greatest thing ever to come out of here, the highest heights of Barnet, our queen.

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Sour Prom — Olivia Rodrigo’s Rapid-Onset Petulance

An ‘album movie’ that snarks about Our/Sour America.

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Lana Del Rey: Facing Reality Under the Chemtrails

Lana Del Rey’s music captures the anxiety and alienation so many people, especially young people, feel today.

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Oliver Nelson: The Blues and the Abstract Truth (1961)

Verve’s excellent Acoustic Sounds vinyl reissue series just re-released an impeccable and gorgeous-sounding new pressing of this LP.

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The great themes of world literature have inspired artists of all kinds, including those in metal bands.

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REVIEW: “In The Heights” The Movie Musical Returns with Bouncy Delight

The screen version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights offers a thin story but plenty of good cheer.

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REVIEW: “In the Heights” Is Cultural Erasure, Not Celebration

Miranda’s cultural misappropriation in In the Heights belongs to a mainstream culture that seeks a Latino figure who is acceptable because he is nonthreatening.

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REVIEW: “In the Heights” Celebrates The Promise Of America

Though he often pays lip service to left-wing politics, Lin-Manuel Miranda can’t help himself — he believes in the promise of America.

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Yet the release of Moxie, the strangely memetic quality of “Racist, Sexist Boy,” and the proliferation of “Schools of Rock,” have led me to see that Generation X is avoiding culture war not because they are over it, but because they’re doing something worse.

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In Search Of The Best Bob Dylan

America’s musical alchemist has been a fixture since the ’60s. Yet his greatest work might surprise you.

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The Simpsons Tries to Cancel Morrissey

The once-great show is now Exhibit A in the decline of comedy, cartoons, and music culture.

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H.E.R.’s Gimmicky Corporate Protest Songs

Insipid political ads, presented as Millennial pop ‘justice’