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“Black Widow”: Hollywood’s vacuous moral turn

Black Widow, Luca and Nomadland are films for decaffeinated protesters.

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“BLACK WIDOW” and the bonds of Family

The latest big-screen Marvel movie is about family versus the totalizing demands of a society that sees fertility and parenthood as an inconvenience.

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Zack Snyder, “Army Of The Dead”: The Woke & The Undead

Zack Snyder’s look at the doomed woke rainbow coalition & the undead as the fate of a failing American freedom.

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Best Films of 2021 So Far: Midyear Reckoning

Mediocre content vs. meaningful communication.

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Christopher Nolan’s Tribute to Churchill

A willingness to bear witness to this dramatized suffering is almost an act of piety—as free men and women, to be shown how our freedom is defended.

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REVIEW: “Black Widow” or Bland Widow

These days, the Marvel brand stands for prodigious quantity but so-so quality.

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“Saving Private Ryan” A Story of Sacrifice and Patriotism

“Saving Private Ryan” is a distinctly American movie which, whether intended or not, speaks to American patriotism, sacrifice, and unflappable camaraderie.

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A.I. Is the Best Film of the 21st Century

Spielberg’s prescient epic of faith remains miraculous.

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REVIEW: “Black Widow” That MCU Magic Is Gone

Scarlett Johansson can’t muscle past generic storytelling in disappointing spinoff.

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Star Wars is Shit & Other Things to Teach Your Kids

David and Amanda talk about being disagreeable, travel, Washington, and our current political moment.

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REVIEW: Molto Bene, “Luca” Is an Italian Treat

Pixar strikes the right note for this post-pandemic summer.

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REVIEW: “Cruella” Redefines Hollywood Decadence

Disney turns one of its legendary villains into a poor, misunderstood fashion genius in a shameless act of pandering.