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“Black Widow”: Hollywood’s vacuous moral turn

Black Widow, Luca and Nomadland are films for decaffeinated protesters.

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“BLACK WIDOW” and the bonds of Family

The latest big-screen Marvel movie is about family versus the totalizing demands of a society that sees fertility and parenthood as an inconvenience.

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REVIEW: “Black Widow” or Bland Widow

These days, the Marvel brand stands for prodigious quantity but so-so quality.

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REVIEW: “Black Widow” That MCU Magic Is Gone

Scarlett Johansson can’t muscle past generic storytelling in disappointing spinoff.

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Loki, Disney’s Latest Nihilist Hero

Disney and Marvel exchange traditional morality for its opposite, teaching adolescent viewers to accept cartoon nihilism. Sure enough, when Loki is taught how the TVA works, it is through a cartoon instructional film.

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REVIEW: “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Woke Work Under Construction

Disney+ series gives Anthony Mackie a well-deserved chance to soar.

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REVIEW: ‘WandaVision’ A Marvelous Masterpiece

At its core, the shows portrays the deeply personal story of Wanda and her family, while illustrating the extraordinary grief, trauma, and tragedy Wanda endures.

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Captain America, Conservatism, and Modern America: Celebrating the Ideal American Patriot

At its core, Captain America: The First Avenger acts as an idealistic, pro-America film. Captain America acts as a tangible example of the hard work that has led generations to flourish in the United States.