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Zack Snyder, “Army Of The Dead”: The Woke & The Undead

Zack Snyder’s look at the doomed woke rainbow coalition & the undead as the fate of a failing American freedom.

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Best Films of 2021 So Far: Midyear Reckoning

Mediocre content vs. meaningful communication.

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Titus & White On Zack Snyder taking up the mantle of Spielberg

Titus & Armond White talk Zack Snyder–the artist of the year, with Justice League & Army Of The Dead giving us a beautiful & a dark vision of the American future. We talk about the…

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Tragic Nobility and the Heroic Virtues

On how Zack Snyder’s Justice League suggests we need ancient powers and new heroes if we are to succeed.

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White On Zack Snyder’s Restored Grand Vision

The essential point of Snyder rebounding from a career catastrophe and making it right is demonstrated in the personal dilemma of each superhero. ZSJL’s restored vision reminds us of pop art’s value.

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Superheroes Taken Seriously as Epic Mythology

MoS, BvS and ZS’JL are each a different genre, tone and style.
MoS is superheroes taken seriously as real.
BvS is superheroes taken seriously as literature.
ZS’JL is superheroes taken seriously as epic mythology.

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“Batman v Superman” Returns Soul to Superheroes

Zack Snyder dares to infuse the comic-book genre with moral and political substance.

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“Batman v Superman” The Hope In Seeing That People Are Still Good

By Bryant Tyler. Zack Snyder’s films feature complex character arcs with depth, realism and artistry rarely seen in comic book films, and with his most recent film, Snyder is at the height of his filmmaking…

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“Batman V Superman”: God vs Man is really just Man vs Himself

“God vs Man” was never a real fight, because how can there be a fight if God doesn’t fights back? To struggle with God just means to fight with yourself. It really was Man vs Man all along, or in other words Man vs Himself