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“The Death of Stalin” Get Inspired About America

A period satire that shines a light on the scrambling, flailing, and power grabs of the political cockroaches and cronies in Joseph Stalin’s inner circle

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“The Last Hurrah”: A Multifaceted Character Study of a Politician From a Bygone Era

John Ford’s great political film.

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What We Can Learn From Anne Elliot’s Quiet Strength In ‘Persuasion’

“Persuasion” is Jane Austen’s thoughtful novel that perfectly balances tradition and modernity.

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“Inside”: Bo Burnham can’t think of reasons not to kill himself

Andrew Klavan on the new Bo Burnham’s Netflix special “Inside”

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Preston Sturges On Advertising & American Politics

Aristocracy & Democracy in Hollywood

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REVIEW: “Mandibles”, a Comic Vision of Our New Dark Age

Mandibles critiques mankind’s ruthlessness and egocentricity characterized by literal greed — not a favorable subject when film culture is committed to comic-book fantasies and self-congratulatory political correctness.

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REVIEW: Shyamalan Returns to His “Old” Habits

The director’s latest mind-bender suggests his ‘Split’ rebirth was but a mirage.

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The Mr. Rogers of Children’s Poetry: Robert Louis Stevenson

Stevenson clearly aimed at enhancing this childhood sense of wonder. His verse reinforces this sense of awe and mystery our kids feel

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Are we on the verge of forgetting Amy Winehouse?

She’s the greatest thing ever to come out of here, the highest heights of Barnet, our queen.

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“Those Who Wish Me Dead” Why Taylor Sheridan Is the Poet of Heroism

Those Who Wish Me Dead raises the question of natural justice, of man’s situation in the world.

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“BLACK WIDOW” and the bonds of Family

The latest big-screen Marvel movie is about family versus the totalizing demands of a society that sees fertility and parenthood as an inconvenience.

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Bo Burnham’s “Inside”: A Millennial’s Anxiety Masterpiece

Inside is resonating in our post-pandemic world, and a new book helps us understand why.